Financial Consulting and Coaching

By "Financial Advisory and Investment Coaching in this process, after providing information about your current and past financial situation; We create a special work plan just for you, by providing support on issues such as market selections, risk preferences and transaction types that are suitable for your character, expectations and needs.


With this study, you both determine your own investment character in the process of achieving the success you aim for financial markets and you are affected at the lowest level by our continuous support from the psychological burnout that occurs during the process of your transaction.


Research Services

Within the scope of research services, newsletter subscriptions for economic and strategic conjuncture, sectoral and branch based research/valuation reports are prepared respectively.


  • Newsletter Subscription

Strategy Bulletin: A weekly bulletin for assessments of the global economy and markets. The weekly data includes assessments on economic and geopolitical risks.


  • Research / Valuation Reports

Sectoral Research Reports: Preparing research and valuation reports on a sectoral basis including international comparisons for the area of activity is provided.


Education Services

Within the scope of training services, trainings on sales, marketing, auditing, Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA), fraud investigations and research activities are given by experienced trainers for institutions operating in the financial sector.


Company Valuation and Due Diligence Services

The financial strength and the brand value of the companies are important assessment criteria in the processes of purchasing and transfer and/or different investment decisions. These criteria need to be properly analyzed and interpreted. In this sense, it is important to get support from a professional institution in determining the current situation correctly and taking the right decision on behalf of the company. As LTU Consulting, we are pleased to serve you with our experienced staff for all processes in the execution of your company's procurement, transfer or due diligence processes.


Public Offering Consultancy Services

The success of a public offering process primarily depends on the establishment of the most accurate public offering model according to the company's activity area. Sales of common shares, public offering in the form of capital increase, establishment of real estate investment trust, selection of the right BIST market in the public offering quotation, etc. We are ready to serve with our experienced staff in the public offering processes of all these services.


Financial Risk Management Services

We provide consultancy services to companies for debt restructuring and access to alternative financing sources against fluctuations in the markets and changing conjuncture.


Investor Relations Services

We provide services for the establishment of investor relations departments and the re-establishment of existing organizations for the most accurate preparation of both domestic and foreign investors in the corporate management processes of the company that is publicly traded or in the public offering stage, and to establish relations with institutional investors in the right way.


Finansal Check-Up (Finansal Durumun Gözden Geçirilmesi) Danışmanlığı

Finansal durumun gözden geçirilmesi danışmanlığı ile şirketlerin bilançolarının doğru şekilde yorumlanması, ROI-ROE analizleri, Dupont Analizi, ver analizi ve Z-Skor Modeli gibi kavramları uygulamalı şekilde öğrenerek şirket süreçlerinde verimsiz ve tıkanık süreçlerin kaynaklarını tespit edebilmeleri sağlanmaktadır.


Finansal Check-Up (Finansal Durumun Gözden Geçirilmesi) Danışmanlığı Aşamaları
• Finansal Check-up
• Verimlilik, Nakit Akışı (Likidite), Sermaye yapısı, Karlılık ve Değer analizi
• Global ve Sektörel katsayı ve oranlarla karşılaştırma
• Bilanço analizi
• Bilançoyu saat yönünde ya da saate ters yönde çevirme
• DuPont analizi, Z-Skor Modeli ve finansal analiz teknikleri
• Şirket süreçlerinde “tıkanıklıkların” tespiti
• Süreçlerdeki aksaklıklara yönelik akılcı çözümlerü