Lotus Trade Union took its name from the Lotus flower, which lives on the surface of the water independent of the soil and represents clarity and self-discovery in many cultures due to its self-cleaning feature.


At LTU, we believe that each investor's perspective on the markets should be clear and unique, just like the lotus flower.


In this context, we aim to provide services to individual investors, professionals and institutions in financial markets on "Financial Consulting and Coaching" for their own expectations and needs.


You can be an investor who has just started to trade in the financial markets, or you can be a professional with experience trading in various markets for many years. In either case, trading will put the trader through an intense mental process.

By "Financial Advisory and Investment Coaching in this process, after providing information about your current and past financial situation; We create a special work plan just for you, by providing support on issues such as market selections, risk preferences and transaction types that are suitable for your character, expectations and needs.

With this study, you both determine your own investment character in the process of achieving the success you aim for financial markets and you are affected at the lowest level by our continuous support from the psychological burnout that occurs during the process of your transaction.